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If you had a chance to speak to me and persuade us that we should work with you, what would you say? 

When you understand that we are only going to accept 3 people out of the challengers into this bootcamp and teach them to duplicate what you have just seen us do. Why should we take you on? 

Please realize that there are over 10 people in this challenge and we are only taking 3. Once we get to our desired number for this challenge (which is a number our team can take on and work with comfortably while we give you a life changing experience) we will not accept anymore applicants in at this time. 

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12 Month Media Boss Pro Package

1. PODCASTING ($84,000 value)
-Weekly Podcast Production

-Minor Podcast Editing

-Access To Media Boss Music Library

-Ad Inserts

-Episodic Show Graphic Design

-Personal Producer

-Podcast Consulting

-Monthly Podcast Report

-Upload Podcasts To Major Podcast Sites

-Podcast Website

-Podcast Funnel Setup & Design
-Guest Interview System

-Monthly E-Book W/ Podcast Content

-Visual AudioGram System

-Podcast To Blog Conversion

-Podcast Transcription 120 min/Mth

-Podcast Equipment Pak

-Private Podcast Coaching

-Podcast Ad Marketing Campaign
-Done-For-You Recording Management System

2. BOOK DEVELOPMENT ($10,500 value)

-Full Transcription of first 12 podcast episodes

-Edit the episodes into literary format

-Setup publishing

-Design book layout

-Design book cover

-Promote Pre-sell

-Print 100 hard-copy books

3. TELEVISION CHANNEL (22,750 value)

-Edit Video Podcast

-Upload Video Podcast To YouTube

-Add Show Notes & Links

-Assemble A Roku Channel

-1 year of Roku hosting

-1 hour Roku consult on monetization

-Roku Concierge Service

-Standard Roku Setup Service

-Roku Channel Category Setup

-Multiple Platforms Supported

-Play Free to Watch Videos

-Import Videos from Vimeo

-Media Cloud Integration

-Multi-Platform Publishing

-Fully Branded To You & Your Business

-Keep 100% of all Revenue

-No Fees Per Subscriber

-Channel Submission Service

-Done-For-You Roku Service With video, jpg & description

4. SOCIAL MEDIA ($25,000 Value)

-Assign A Social Media Manager

-Post Multiple Times Per Day On Your Pages

-Develop A Social Media Strategy For Your Business

-Create Your Social Media Customer Avatar

-Run Facebook Ads Directed At Your Avatar

-Maximize Social Media Using Email Lists & Messaging

5. DOCUMENTARY FILM ($30,000 value)

-Detailed Interview To Capture The Humanity Of The Client

-Documentary Writing
-Documentary Directing

-Documentary Filming including Drone Shots If Possible

-Music Score Included

-Documentary Film Editing

-Completed Film Up To 30 Minutes To Engage Audience

The Media Boss Pro Package is a 12-month process that begins immediately, and can become an ongoing relationship, after the first year and adjustments are made just to maintain the quality and the services you will use to keep your business thriving. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship serving you.

*Includes 1 Group Training call/month with Dr. Barrett Matthews to assist you in becoming a Media Boss.*($12,000 Value)

Coaching And Community

Private Facebook community for accountability and support, and celebrating wins each month...

3 Guest Expert Training Appearances 

Learn cutting-edge secrets from 3 of Barrett's top producing associates (who will reveal their secrets of rapid media success, growth, and coachability). ($15,000 Value)

Behind The Scenes Look At MMFMC Strategies

Learn the exact strategies I used to create a presence in 4 different continents around the world. 

Special Training On How To Speak In Media

Learn the skills & styles necessary to translate your speaking on various media platforms and still convert like crazy! ($5,000 Value)

Get Access To Media Boss Pro Private Group

Learn what the others will not know, when. you join the private Facebook group just for Media Boss Pro members who are using media to generate business. ($10,000 Value)

Learn To Operate Like A Boss

Learn to appreciate having an entire media team at your disposal that will do all the necessary tasks and duties to make you look like a star, while being a BOSS!!! ($24,000 Value)


Learn little know media hacks from Barrett Matthews that are so cutting edge that you will think you're coming back from the future. ($9,250 Value)

Keep Your Guests Coming 

Get the scripts that Barrett Matthews uses to keep podcasts and other broadcasts booked with guest. Use these same scripts and watch your calendar fill up. ($2,500 Value)

Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown By Barrett Matthews

Barrett is well-respected by many for his work in the media, dating back to his time with CBS, and his stint in television news in major market. Barrett's knowledge gained from his years producing, writing, directing and hosting radio & television paired with his incredible work in writing articles and books, makes him someone to listen to.


BONUS Productivity Coaching...

Learn from the "Get it Done" coach,  Barrett Matthews. You are aware of Barrett's genius ability in teaching media. You are about to discover Barrett's genius at productivity. While mastering his skills in learning the changes in the media industry for business owners, Barrett Matthews took to training and coaching productivity in different countries around the world, while authoring 3 books and being named a World Civility Ambassador with iChange Nations, through his initiatives in bringing productive world civility. 

Crazy Content Growth Hacks Bonus

Learn exactly how Dr. Barrett Matthews built a media production company including a podcast, television channel, documentary crew, books, etc., by using his content hacks. Learn how to get event organizers to invite you to speak and how to get up to 100 followers or more each time. Learn to level up your social media game like very few in the game. 


Here Is An An Example Of Media Boss Pro's Documentary Quality...

This Video Was Produced By A Team Media Boss Pros Use To Bring Our Client's Stories To Life So Your Client's Will Want To Pay You.

Those Who Worked With Dr. Barrett Matthews Are Crushing It...


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